Mold Remediation


Mold is a common occurrence in commercial buildings and facilities of all types, and in some cases it can go undetected for years. If left unmitigated, mold can lead to serious structural damage and can adversely affect the health of residents, employees, and others who occupy the affected structure. After proper mold assessment, Paul Davis National will contain the infested area, remove contaminated materials, completely dry the area, and apply disinfectants and antimicrobials to prevent recurrence. Each of these steps is crucial to the success of mold eradication.

Mold can occur as a result of recent water damage. If water is not properly extracted and the area dried and dehumidified, mold can creep into unseen moisture spots, causing contamination of the surroundings. Even the most thorough drying can sometimes leave small areas harboring moisture. Because mold growth can occur with incredible speed, timely action is required to prevent the growth of mold in water damaged areas. Paul Davis National will seek to stop mold from proliferating by applying appropriate mold treatments in water damaged areas.

Old water damage is perhaps the most pernicious breeding ground for mold. Many companies have inherited mold problems in a building acquirement. Water damaged buildings are a breeding ground for a host of air-borne contaminants that can cause serious health issues. A company may become liable for medical issues when employees face health problems which can be traced back to mold, fungi, bacteria, or other water damage related toxins in the work environment. The professionals at Paul Davis National have been trained to deal with such water damage related issues. Armed with the latest technological advances in dealing with microscopic spores, our personnel stay up to date on mold detection, testing, and eradication. We will assess the extent of either existent or potential mold activity as a result of water damage in a building and develop a targeted, proactive plan to deal with the issues.

Crucial to the success of any mold remediation plan is adequately dealing with all sources of moisture. Any moisture left on surfaces or soaked into materials will provide a breeding ground for thousands of mold spores, even after treatment has been done. Paul Davis Nationals provides a complete water damage program, dealing with the issues of moisture while assessing and preparing a mold remediation plan. This process helps to ensure mold reoccurrence will not occur as a result of the same water damage issue.

It is extremely important that mold removal is done by qualified professionals with specific technical training and certifications. Paul Davis National technicians are certified by The Clean Trust in mold removal (applied microbial remediation) or the Association of Cleaning and Restoration (ASCR) as certified mold professionals. This certification ensures that your mold issues will be dealt with in the safest, most up to date methods possible; safeguarding the health of your employees, residents, and others, while protecting your assets.

Although in many cases promises do not always equal results, Paul Davis Nationals is committed to assuring customers that their mold or other microbial issues were handled with the utmost care. We deliver on our promises and will provide proof that the job was done well. At the completion of our work, we will verify and provide documentation showing that the mold removal was completed to industry standards. Do not settle for less than skilled professionals and rock-solid reputation when facing the insidious effects of mold issues.