Emergency Mitigation


Paul Davis National specializes in providing needed stabilization after a water emergency. Knowing how to respond quickly, make the right contacts, get equipment on time, and thoroughly assess needs and damage is what makes us great at emergency mitigation. We already have all the contacts and professionals to prevent further damage, saving valuable time that could be spent scrambling to come up with a plan. We eliminate the scramble and come up with a practical, efficient plan. Our number one goal is to keep damage and loss at an absolute minimum. As a result we will be onsite immediately, preparing a plan of action and working to provide the industry best emergency mitigation you deserve. Our damage management teams will do act quickly to stabilize the situation as soon as possible, while documenting all contents, and preparing accurate cost estimate for providing complete restoration services. Customers will know up front what to expect in the process, both in service and cost from Paul Davis National. Regardless of the extent of damage, one thing that every customer can expect from Paul Davis National is a driven team determined to provide the best water damage service possible.

Rapid response to a water emergency is critical to limiting further water damage and preventing structural problems. At the forefront of any commercial water damage situation is minimizing the downtime of the business by keeping damage at a minimum. This requires timely and expert action. At the first notification of a water disaster, Paul Davis National mobilizes the technical experts and proper equipment to begin the mitigation process as soon as possible. Nationwide franchising ensures we have the means to draw in extra resources in areas hit by large-scale flooding.

The first emergency mitigation steps in any water damage situation involve shutting down the source of the water (if applicable), assessing the extent of the damage in the affected areas, and removing standing water and damaged materials. The experts at Paul Davis National have the equipment, skill, and training to follow these steps in the most timely, effective manner. We will quickly develop and implement a plan for the best course of action for each specific water emergency situation. We understand the importance of minimizing both damage and company downtime, so we are prepared to take action to eliminate water as soon as possible. Our team will work tirelessly to diminish the severity of damage, reduce downtime, and eliminate as much inconvenience as possible. We realize that many businesses are not prepared for large-scale water damage situations, which is why we stay prepared at all times, ready to step in with the knowledge and skills needed to stop further damage. Paul Davis National is equipped to handle all the physical aspects of your facility emergency, freeing your staff to deal with clients, their own families, and calm the emotions of a disaster.

Our emergency mitigation team seeks to keep insurance claims to a minimum by keeping damage minimized through rapid response. The result is satisfied owners and a business that is up and running again sooner than anyone thought possible.