Drying & Dehumidification


Drying is at the core of the water damage services we provide and is factored into the damage-control plan from the beginning, a critical part of successful restoration. If proper drying does not follow water extraction, the long-term effects will be devastating. Proper drying minimizes damage to furniture, flooring, walls, and equipment, valuable assets that can be destroyed by the microbial activity improper drying allows. Paul Davis National utilizes industrial grade water extractors, dehumidifiers, air movers and other equipment to efficiently and effectively remove moisture from the structure and affected materials. Moisture levels are monitored 24/7 by our qualified technicians until the structure has been dried to industry standards, and we provide scientific documentation of the results.

Why is drying and dehumidification so important? In warm, tropical areas of the world, paper is constantly besieged by the effects of humidity, reducing it to a limp, mold-prone state that jams printers and renders information useless. Your business may not be in the tropics, but the high humidity levels caused by water damage simulate the effects of the tropics. Left untreated, humidity and moisture build up in your facility will wreak havoc on company documents, sheetrock, ceiling tiles, and wood surfaces. HVAC systems are designed to moderate the level of humidity in a building, but excessive amounts of water quickly overwhelm such systems, especially if the situation is compounded by loss of power. Water condensation can build up in ductwork, rendering existing HVAC systems basically useless in the task of dehumidification. Left untreated, ductwork condensation will continue to allow elevated humidity levels and extend the effects of water damage. Large, professional dehumidification equipment is needed to deal with such issues and completely eliminate the source of water condensation before mold and other harmful microbes begin to encroach in the facility.

At Paul Davis National, we approach water treatment from several angles: drying surfaces and hidden areas while removing moisture in the air, assuring the fastest drying times possible. Our state of the art equipment removes moisture from ceiling cavities and within the walls, removing water you did not realize was there. Without this important process, hidden moisture will eventually leach out or harbor mold spores that can cause massive contamination of your facility. Our water emergency teams are the best trained in the industry and our company is certified by The Clean Trust, which holds us to technical and professional standards, providing assurance of the highest possible care for your facility.

Structural drying is a scientific process that involves determining all possible locations of hidden moisture, evaluating equipment needs, and determining where to place equipment to maximize efficiency. Add to this process the need for continual monitoring of moisture levels, and you will see why we keep only the most skilled technicians in the business. Our project managers will assign specific personnel whose sole responsibility will be to monitor the moisture levels in your facility and take adequate steps to ensure your facility is not just visibly dry, but industry standard certifiably dry.