Contents & Document Restoration

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Unfortunately, water does not spare even the most important documents from its destructive reach. Even though many transactions and information is now stored via electronic media, paper documentation is still an integral part of many business transactions and interactions on a daily basis. When those items are damaged by flood waters, or fire sprinkler systems, the loss can be devastating. Before you throw those sodden papers and documents away, consider Paul Davis National’s document restoration services. A critical part of our entire water damage cleanup process, document handling is one of our areas of expertise. In fact, we will expedite work on your documents, due to the fragile nature of paper when affected by water. Ink quickly fades when exposed to water and paper begins to rapidly deteriorate and grow mold, all factors which will hinder recovery if not addressed quickly.

We utilize the most state of the art methods of handling your valuable papers. Our experts are skilled in handling and transporting water damaged papers to avoid further destruction. Most papers are transferred to our facility where they undergo a gentle yet rigorous process to restore them as close as possible to their original state, or at least make readable reproductions of them. Paper handling may include freezing, state of the art drying and dehumidifying, and removal of excess acid, treatment for mold and odors, and possible copying if the original cannot be adequately restored. Before any papers are moved from your facility, each item is carefully inventoried to provide an accurate accounting of each document. This list will then be crosschecked when the items are returned. Each document will be returned, and completely accounted for, regardless of whether it was able to be completely restored or not. This accounting of each document can provide peace of mind in the midst of the chaos your business is facing. Our services are completely secure and your information will remain completely confidential.

Paul Davis National’s Complete Contents Restoration Services handles more than documents. In fact we offer a fully integrated solution for cleaning, restoring, and documenting damaged contents, including electronics, office furniture and equipment, documents, and more. Using ultrasonics technology, hydroxyl generation, specialized drying, upholstery cleaning and other methods, we are able to successfully restore many types of contents to their pre-loss condition, reducing the need for costly replacement. Our experts are trained to handle your contents with care and confidentiality, while working hard to restore as many damaged items as possible.

We manage the entire contents process from start to finish, with our comprehensive inventory process ensuring that each item is tracked via bar code and stored safely and securely. Upon completion of the restoration process, items are delivered to the property and unpacked on site. We provide full documentation of our work to account for all affected items, restorable or not. Our documents and content restoration services are part of our continued effort to minimize the downtown your company faces as a result of water damage. We are committed to dealing with the water issues in a timely, secure, and confidential manner.