Water Damage Overview


Water losses resulting from flooding, storms, burst pipes, and fire extinguishing efforts cause billions of dollars in damage and lost revenue every year. Whether water damage is the result a natural disaster or a man-made accident, Paul Davis National is fully equipped to handle large-scale water emergencies. Rapid response is critical in dealing with water-based emergencies, and with Paul Davis National clients can rest assured that our staff of skilled professionals will be on site and ready to begin the cleanup process soon after the damage has occurred. Our commercial water damage services include:

  • Water extraction services
  • Structural drying
  • Mold removal
  • Water damage restoration
  • Contents cleaning

Our certification by The Clean Trust ensures that we have the knowledge and technical training to perform this work expertly, efficiently, and correctly. Paul Davis National technicians are certified in water damage restoration and Applied Structural Drying (ASD). We partner with the most skilled personnel in the industry to ensure timely, high-quality drying and restoration for all commercial applications, regardless of the size. Project managers will ensure that each water damage project is handled in the most efficient manner, with the most advanced procedures, to produce satisfactory results and get businesses back on their feet with the shortest amount of down time possible.

Skilled technicians can be hindered by lack of equipment, which is why Paul Davis National strives to inventory plenty of the latest, state-of-the-art equipment that large scale water damage cleanup requires. Our staff and equipment forms a formidable team, ready and able to match the demands and complexities of any water disaster, whether it is a single incident or a large scale catastrophe.

Water damage restoration usually involved the following steps, all handled by Paul Davis National professionals:

  • Inspection – We work together with insurance adjusters to inspect the facility for water damage. Because we understand that water can soak beyond the immediately visible, we work to assess hidden damage, making sure that a proper evaluation is done, for insurance purposes, but also to assure customers that the job will be done right.
  • Water Removal – Time is of the essence when dealing with water. Paul Davis National professionals will be on the ground at a customer’s facility as soon as arrangements have been made, working to get water removed from the site before further damage can be done. Water extraction begins immediately and will continue until all water has been eliminated.
  • Professional Drying – Even after water has been extracted from the facility, large amounts of water remains soaked into carpets, wood, and other surfaces. We use a variety of drying methods individually suited to the specific application, including dehumidification, air movement, and specialized equipment. Our goal is to preserve as many existing structures and fixtures as possible by providing thorough drying services.
  • Monitoring/Coordination – During the drying process, project managers will continually monitor the status of the process, ensuring things are progressing as expected. They will coordinate long-term drying efforts with shorter mechanized processes, as well working around the schedules of restorative work.
  • Antimicrobial Application – Molds and fungi thrive in a moist environment and can survive even after all the surfaces have been professionally dried Paul Davis National works to preserve the integrity of structures and the health of company employees by applying special formulas to combat microbial growth.

Large or small, water damage related disasters are handled with care and expertise by the professionals at Paul Davis National. Our professional team brings the assurance of quality and timely water damage service.