Temporary Power

Temporary power


Fire-related disaster often result in wide-spread power outages which can actually increase the damage businesses face. Even after the fire has been put out, the lack of electrical power can result in a serious setback to the clean up process in the most critical first hours and days, as the necessary equipment for water extraction and drying relies on the use of power. That is why Paul Davis National is a step ahead of the weather, the disaster, and even the power company. We plan ahead for such unfortunate events by preparing portable means of power generation. This means that in the event of a power interruption due to fire or other disaster, Paul Davis National is able to provide safe temporary power for electrical and HVAC systems. This also means that we will not be waiting around for the power company to restore power while your valuable assets are being harmed by the effects of a fire. Instead, our technicians will be onsite making assessments and operating equipment in order to deal with the fire damage as quickly as possible, minimizing the risk of permanent damage and loss to your company.

Why is temporary power so important? When disaster strikes, even a few hours can make a difference in how well your assets will recover from smoke damage. The longer various substances are in contact with moisture, the greater the risk of irrevocable damage. Even after fire subsides, the water left from putting it out leaves high humidity levels and provides an excellent breeding ground for all kinds of molds, fungi, bacteria, and other spores to multiply rapidly, setting your company up for a long battle with eradication from the building as well as possible health risks. Hidden moisture remains soaked into carpets, rugs, sheetrock, and even wood furnishings. The sooner that the proper equipment is at work with the extraction, drying, and dehumidification process, the less damage your building and business will suffer.

Temporary power also offers greater levels of safety to your property. Unfortunately, the malevolent take advantage of disaster for their own good. Temporary power can keep lights and security systems on in order to deter would be looters and avoid greater loss. At Paul Davis National, we do not just provide small generators to power our own equipment; we can provide generation equipment that will keep your HVAC system up and running to balance the interior atmosphere of your business as soon as possible, while powering lights and security systems in order to preserve the safety of your facility.

Access to continuous power improves the security of the job site and enables our damage cleanup work to be completed more quickly so that your business can be up and running again as soon as possible. At Paul Davis National we have the temporary power solutions your company needs to minimize damage, provide security, and ensure business is back to normal in a timely fashion. Fast action, rapid drying, and minimal downtime are keys to successful disaster recovery. Temporary power solutions make sure those keys are at your disposal.