Smoke & Odor Removal


Even after your commercial structure is completely rebuilt, water damage has been repaired, and business has begun again, there is the danger that your business could have lingering smoke and odor problems. The nature of smoke and soot makes them notoriously difficult to remove, and they permeate all surfaces of a building. Paul Davis National has the experience and tools to make sure that all traces of smoke and soot disappear from your building during the reconstruction process. The Clean Trust has certified our technicians as capable, dependable experts in getting your property back to its original clean condition following fire damage.

No amount of traditional scrubbing or cleaning can get rid of the odor that a fire creates. Modern research into the chemical composition and bonding qualities of smoke particles has allowed for the invention of specialized techniques and equipment that tear down odor-causing molecules at their most basic level. We use these valuable new tools to their best advantage, repairing residual smoke and soot problems from the source.

Any item or structural element that has been burned must be removed from the building. If left intact, burned pieces of wood or other materials will continue to produce strong odors long into the future. Inspectors must know how to look further than the immediately visible to find these odor sources, checking behind walls, above ceilings, and underneath floors. Leftover smoke odors can cause all sorts of ongoing problems for your business, from driving away clients and customers to creating an unpleasant or even hazardous working environment for employees.

Discoloration on walls, carpets, ceiling tiles, and other surfaces because of soot residue requires cleaning with powerful products that are specifically targeted to remove it. If your building’s surfaces are able to be cleaned and salvaged, Paul Davis National will find a way to do it. If they are damaged beyond repair, you can count on seeing them replaced with high quality, durable materials.

Smoke and drifting ash makes its way into every hidden corner of a commercial building during a fire. The heating and cooling system of a structure retains these particles even after the rest of the interior has been cleaned, meaning that dangerous soot could continue circulating through the building’s ventilation system. Our workers will inspect your HVAC system and perform the same detailed cleaning on it that you will see in the more visible areas of your business. The safety and health of the employees, guests, and customers that use your building depend on the complete removal of smoke residue from its air as well as its physical surfaces.

At Paul Davis National, we take every opportunity to use the most recent advances in technology to better serve you. The equipment we use to complete our smoke and odor removal process attacks the problem at the molecular level, breaking down the particles and removing them from the air. Hydroxyl devices are just some of the advanced tools that we use to make sure that your job is completed to your satisfaction.