Emergency Fire Mitigation


When a commercial structure is ravaged by fire, immediate action by mitigation experts is a must. Workers must spring into action to quickly look over the situation, decide what steps are in order, and implement them as soon as possible. Failure to deal with the aftermath of a fire right away can lead to even more damage and a longer recovery–for example, weakened structures can give way if not reinforced and soaked surfaces can begin sprouting mold and mildew. Paul Davis National offers immediate response, often arriving on the scene as soon as emergency response crews have put out the fire and released the site. Moving forward with mitigation efforts might not be the first thing you feel like doing after a fire, but it will save money and time in the end.

As devastating as an office or warehouse fire is, with swift stabilization and board up action you could be able to salvage some of the existing structure and prevent the collapse of more walls. A mitigation expert from Paul Davis National will inspect the burned structure; identify which elements of the building are compromised by fire damage; and have them shored up temporarily. While you are dealing with the pressures of your company’s response to the disaster and making plans for reconstruction, you can rest easy knowing that the remaining structure is safe in the meantime.

The water used to extinguish a fire is often just as destructive as the fire itself to the items inside a commercial building. Pools of standing water must be dried up as soon as possible, or you could find yourself paying for mold and mildew removal in the future. Paul Davis National will move in quickly, using specialized equipment and thorough inspection methods to identify all areas and structural elements that have experienced compromising damage by water. These often include areas not immediately visible, such as basements, crawlspaces, and cavities behind walls and above ceilings. If the drying process begins as soon as fire crews leave the scene, the cleanup is far less likely to leave lingering moisture problems.

Before reconstruction can start, the debris inside the burned structure must be removed. Paul Davis National will provide an expert crew that will get your building emptied quickly and completely, making room for contractors to start rebuilding. With the head start that our fast-moving debris removal service gives you, your business will be well on its way to recovery in no time.

Structural drying involves far more than just setting up a few fans around a room. Professionals undergo extensive training to learn how water can best be removed from structural elements through the use of drying techniques, dehumidification, and temperature control. The specific approach our team takes toward your situation may vary based on whether clean or contaminated water was used to extinguish the fire and whether or not the damage is confined to a relatively small area. The easiest option is to simply dry everything in place, but sometimes it is necessary to remove items for drying and return them later.