Contents & Document Restoration


The items inside your commercial building are the elements of your company itself. Documents, electronics, equipment, and even the furniture your employees use every day are critical to the day-to-day operations of your business, and in order to get back to work you need these contents restored to their pre-disaster conditions. If furniture or electronics can be salvaged, it is a waste of money to buy brand new replacements. Paul Davis National uses some of the most advanced technology in the field in order to save you money by restoring the equipment you’ve already bought.

Our Contents Restoration Service offers all the services, from start to finish, that are necessary to dry, clean, and restore your building’s contents. Workers will pick up the damaged items from your commercial property, treat them at a specialized facility, and then deliver them when reconstruction is complete and you are ready to begin business again. The comprehensive nature of our restoration process will leave you free to look after other details relating to your business. In the meantime, a crew will inspect every piece removed from the location, determine whether it is able to be salvaged, and go to work cleaning and repairing it.

We use many of the same technologies in restoration that we use to remove smoke damage and odor from the structure of a building ravaged by fire. Hydroxyl generation and ultrasonic technology are just two of the advanced processes that will extract and eliminate the smallest particles of soot and smoke lingering in your equipment. Our crews will clean upholstery thoroughly and do everything possible to get computers, phones, printers, and other electronics working again. Even many documents can be salvaged, saving valuable client or customer information and employee records.

Contents restoration saves you money. The cost of refurnishing an entire office and stocking it with even the most basic new equipment is staggering, especially when combined with the expenses of reconstruction following a fire. Let Paul Davis National’s Contents Restoration experts take control of your damaged items and salvage everything that can be used again. You will be surprised at the number of items that you thought were damaged beyond repair that will show up in your newly rebuilt facility. In this way, contents restoration is an important part of keeping your overall reconstruction job within budget.

Our restoration service uses a meticulously detailed inventory system to identify every piece of equipment and document that we take from your building. Bar codes applied to each item allow us to create a highly detailed inventory sheet, showing what items were restored and what items were lost. This level of detail streamlines the insurance claim process and keeps our workers accountable to you for the condition of every object they work on. At the end of the process, our experts will deliver all restored furniture, electronics, documents, and other items to the property, unpack them, and put them in place so that your business is ready to resume work.