Fire Damage Overview


A fire is one of the most disastrous events that can happen on a commercial property. Nearly everything within the affected area suffers significant damage, not only from the fire itself but also from secondary smoke discoloration and water damage. Structural components of the building are weakened by fire, making the entire structure unsafe unless it is quickly supported with temporary measures. Paul Davis National has the expertise and on-the-ground history to give you capable, reliable service throughout the recovery process, from initial emergency mitigation through contents restoration and replacement.

The more quickly emergency mitigation activity begins, the more likely it is you can salvage contents and structural elements, and the less likely it is that further collapse of walls or ceilings may occur. Ideally, an inspector is standing by while fire crews are handling the fire itself, ready to begin working as soon as the area is declared clear. Quick response is one of our top priorities, and we are usually able to send in workers immediately to set up temporary mitigation tasks. They quickly identify which areas must be strengthened to minimize structural damage; begin clearing areas of standing water and initiate the drying process; and remove debris to make way for a complete reconstruction effort.

During reconstruction, the workers provided by Paul Davis National handle not only the actual reconstruction of your commercial building, but also auxiliary needs like temporary power. By using an independent power supply until lines are repaired, we give you the ability to continue using essential equipment and services in the meantime. A priority of our crews is reducing the impact of reconstruction activity on the businesses and residents that surround the area. We minimize this impact so drastically that often a company can continue working in the building while one section of it undergoes reconstruction.

Advanced chemical processes and specialized equipment are the key to permanently removing the notoriously lingering odor of smoke and soot. We use fast-working, thorough cleaning tools to completely cleanse not only the walls, ceilings, and floors of your building, but also the HVAC systems, furnishings, equipment, and even the air quality inside the structure. These measures take place at the molecular level, so the sources of unpleasant, dangerous smoke particles disappear from your restored building.

At the same time that reconstruction takes place, Paul Davis National’s Contents Restoration Service will remove the items inside your commercial building, restore them at a dedicated facility, then deliver them at the end of the job. Cleaning damaged items will have a huge impact on your budget, as you avoid buying replacements. Upholstery, electronics, and even documents are salvaged by our crews if possible, and every piece we work with is meticulously documented for your records.

There are a multitude of responsibilities as you deal with recovery from a fire. When you let Paul Davis National’s reliable project managers and restoration experts take control of your mitigation and reconstruction efforts, you plan for a fast, efficient return to business as usual.