Construction Consulting Services


Paul Davis National has expanded the Construction Consulting Division to compliment the Commercial Loss Division. This division works directly with commercial and private industries, and is responsible for properly investigating, assessing, and reporting construction related component failures resulting from normal or catastrophic occurrences.


  • Building Assessments/Evaluations

    When your facility has been improperly constructed, failed from natural causes, been damaged by catastrophic reasons such as flooding, fire, storms, explosions, earthquakes, or any other causes, Paul Davis National is your solution. We have the experience and the expertise to properly analyze the cause, effect, and full extent of damage to your building(s) by utilizing the following services:

    • General surveys
    • Due diligence investigations for property acquisitions
    • Specific detailed envelope investigations
    • Detailed roof investigations
    • Infrared surveys for energy loss & moisture intrusion
    • Mapping of moisture intrusion
    • Wind uplift testing of roof systems
    • Roof test cuts for analysis where required
  • Quality Detailed Reports

    When the facility has been properly evaluated, Paul Davis National will develop a comprehensive detailed report to address the following:

    • Purpose of the investigation
    • History on the property
    • Description and summary of the occurrence
    • Observations of the damage
    • Recommendations to repair the damages observed
    • Photographs to support our observations
    • Overview drawings to exhibit facility
  • Detailed Cost Analysis/Estimates

    Upon request, Paul Davis National will develop a detailed cost analysis for the remedial processes being recommended. Cost analysis provided, but not limited as follows:

    • Xactimate estimates
    • Means estimates
    • Contractor supported estimates
    • Marshall Swift building valuations
  • Legal Procedures

    Despite a properly completed report, concerned parties may negate the investigation process, conclusion of the report, or the generated cost analysis. If that occurs; Paul Davis National can and will represent the client to resolve the disputed matter. Common services provided in this instance are as follows:

    • Appraisal process
    • Mediation
    • Third party mediation
    • Expert testimony
  • Design/Design Assistance

    Following the agreed upon building evaluations and costs, repairs to correct the necessary damages will commence. Paul Davis National has the experience and expertise to assist the client with complete restoration of their property as well as the following services to assure the property is being restored:

    • Plan review
    • Assist others with the proper remedial design
    • Design proper remedial procedures
    • Prepare detailed contract documents and drawings
  • Contract Administration

    The rebuild process begins when qualified contractors are selected to bid and properly construct the project with the necessary materials recommended by industry standards. In making sure the client has a quality contractor, Paul Davis National will provide the following services:

    • Reconstruction
    • Development & issuing of contracts
    • Project management
    • Clerking of project
    • Full/Part time inspections on specific applications
    • Project closure