Asbestos and Environmental Hazard Removal


Asbestos, lead paint, and environmental hazards are commonly found during demolition and construction. These materials are regulated by the EPA and can be hazardous to the health of building occupants as well as the liability of any contractor working on the job site.  Asbestos and lead paint must be removed by certified technicians who know correct procedures, rules, and laws.  Paul Davis National has certified technicians who remove asbestos and lead paint to ensure that your property is free from these hazards and liability or your job site is ready to move forward with construction.

Diesel, fuel oil, and other environmental hazards often show up in older facilities and commercial properties. Accidents happen and environmental hazards are sometimes released.  Paul Davis National is here to contain and clean the hazard and get your property back to a healthy state.  Deodorization is often a large part of these projects and this is something that PDN has the know-how and the equipment to prevent future odor at your property as a result of these disasters.

  • Asbestos (Friable and Non-Friable)
  • Lead Paint
  • Diesel and Fuel Oil
  • Deodorization