Catastrophe Overview


Catastrophic acts of nature can wreak havoc on commercial properties, bringing your business operations to a grinding halt. Paul Davis National serves your business by offering emergency response services after storms, wildfires, floods, and other catastrophes that have disrupted the day-to-day operation of your business.

No matter the size of your loss, Paul Davis National stands ready to scale response operations to the task at hand. We will deploy our responders to area-wide natural disasters, providing the quick and professional services you need to get back on track. Our services include emergency mitigation, restoration, and reconstruction for all types of facilities. Because disaster can strike at any time, it’s important to have your response plan in place so that restoration can begin immediately, getting you back on track as quickly as possible.

Our emergency mitigation specialists will help you evaluate and reduce the risk of damage in the event of a catastrophe. By putting safeguards in place ahead of time, you can prevent some of the loss that occurs due to water, fire, smoke, and other damage. If you have already experienced catastrophic loss, mitigation can help you determine how best to restore and reconstruct in order to minimize the risk of future damage. Emergency mitigation efforts may include determining your risk for specific types of catastrophe, implementing stabilization projects to minimize damage, and planning ways to reduce the possibility of repetitive loss.

If you have already experienced catastrophic loss due to natural disasters, Paul Davis National stands ready to begin restoration and reconstruction services immediately. We seek to offer superior project management, cost containment, and customer service designed to keep your restoration project on track and get your business functioning again as quickly as possible. You can expect a thorough site and conditions assessment as well as daily reports detailing the progress of each project.

Customers who belong to our First Priority Program will receive additional service and benefits to expedite the catastrophe mitigation and restoration process. First Priority helps you plan for disaster, gives you priority response status, and assists with business continuity planning. As a member, you’ll be prepared to handle any catastrophe that comes your way with the knowledge and experience of Paul Davis National behind you. Not only can you expect the prompt and professional service we offer to all customers nationwide, but you’ll also receive the additional attention necessary to help you prepare for disaster before it strikes and to ensure that your business restoration plan is ready to be implemented immediately. With First Priority, you’ll save valuable time by having a plan already in place and by ensuring that your restoration and reconstruction needs receive the highest priority.

Paul Davis National provides experienced response to damage caused by fires, floods, storms, earthquakes, and more. We will attend to the needs of your facility promptly and thoroughly, ensuring that your business can be up and running as quickly as possible. Our goal is to take of your business by addressing catastrophic loss, no matter how large or small the project.