“On Sunday evening, November 13, a fire broke out within The de Paul School. The subsequent damage from smoke and water was extensive. The bad news was immediately evident: an entire building – which houses our 4th grade, 5th grade, and Arts classrooms – was destroyed. The very good news: one of our very first decisions on that Sunday evening was to reach out to Paul Davis National for restoration services.

Within an hour of our phone call, a representative from PDN was standing with administrators outside of our school building. That professional guided us in assessing next steps in the midst of a frightening experience. We would quickly come to learn that the Paul Davis Team is the ideal partner to have when a disaster disrupts a school campus.

Fast forward to January 3, 2017… less than two months following the fire event. Paul Davis National had completely restored the fire-damaged building. Students and Teachers returned to remarkably “new” classrooms, halls, restrooms, and an Arts room. The entire de Paul Community was amazed at a transformation which was brilliant and efficient in all ways. Many still marvel aloud at how much work – and care – was performed so professionally and comprehensively.

The de Paul School is eternally grateful to Paul Davis National. It has been our pleasure to share our story with other schools so that they know who to call if/when similar disaster impacts their communities.”

Tony Kemper, Head of School, The de Paul School

“As a business owner, it is rare that I get an opportunity to express my appreciation for a job well done, and therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to say “thank you” to Paul Davis for a job well done!

A few months ago, we had a devastating rain, resulting in localized flooding, that severally affected our building. When the flooding originally happened, I was in disbelief, and to some degree, in denial thinking maybe this is just a bad dream or it will all go away on its own. In short order, reality set in and I know that I needed help. Not having experience with this level of damage before, I was unsure of who to call, and therefore, I relied on a name I had heard before but had not had the opportunity to use – Paul Davis.

When I called, a Paul Davis representative responded and after touring our facility, assessed the situation, asked numerous questions, then, assured me he would take care of things – on the surface, that’s what I wanted to hear, but down deep I was concerned…

When Ron and his crews arrived, they immediately knew exactly what to do and started lining up their equipment and manpower to address the areas that were the worst impacted. It was at that moment that I began to feel comfort that I made the right call. Throughout the remaining days and weeks, Ron and his Paul Davis team continued to reinforce in my mind that they were the right company for this job. When all was done and Paul Davis crews picked up and left, we were all so grateful for the very professional job they did and how much mental stress they relieved from me and my staff.

Once again, my sincere appreciation to Ron Souter and all of the Paul Davis staff for a job well done!”

Keith Simmonds, General Manager, Great Wolf Lodge – Niagara Falls Canada

“Their speed, professionalism, and expertise during the worst disaster in our state educational system’s history was, to say the least, astonishing.

Faced with a 400,000 sq ft school that had submerged lower levels, two feet of flood water rushing through the entire first floor, and just five weeks before the start of a new school year, we were sure that the entire community would be adversely impacted.  Paul Davis National saved our school, spared our kids from major disruption, and quite frankly spared our community from being turned upside down by having the project done on time and as promised.

Not only did Paul Davis National understand how to properly restore or replace things like gymnasiums, pools, dance floors, the schools furniture and contents, but they also understood the human side.  Their ongoing clear and meaningful communications with our insurance carrier, our school board, and our community were second to none.  A schedule was created to get our kids in school on time, and Paul Davis National constantly updated everyone as they stayed on task and met their promises.

To say that Paul Davis National Exceeded my expectations does not do them justice.  Throughout the repair process they continued to impress me, and they consistently exceeded every expectation by all involved.   I highly recommend that anyone responsible for disaster recovery get to know theses guys.”

Dr. Rick Monroe, High School Superintendent

“We engaged Paul Davis to remediate the [fire] damage.  The choice resulted in very satisfactory outcomes in all areas.  The people at Paul Davis showed themselves to be very professional, knowledgeable, and competent.  They were personable and responsive, with a high attention to detail and the flexibility to respond to changing priorities as required by the reconstruction portions of the project.  Their work was of uniformly high quality, and more than met our expectations.  We made a good choice.”

Jim Helmke, Manufacturing Facility Director of Operations

Dr. Sara Croney, School District Superintendent